"Visible Women" at Redlees Studios

A weekend celebration for International Women's Day


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On 4-6th of March Redlees Studios are planning a free community event to celebrate International Women's Day.

The event will feature an exhibition from local artists including those from Redlees. There will be a performance plinth - a live art exhibit that will feature performance and poetry from local artists and poets, a confessional where women (and men) can record and listen to grievances women have about society. Housmans Bookshop are attending with a feminist bookfair, several talks will take place over the weekend about a variety of subjects including Women and Twitter and Is Feminism Still Relevant Today? Free art and craft workshops will be provided for all ages.  

Redlees has such a diverse community with women from all over the world working there, as well as strong community connections as an art and craft outlet. The event is to highlight woman and the role they play in our communities.

Throughout the different stages of her life a woman can feel 'invisible' She is too young, too pretty to be heard, She is too fat, too unconventional to be desired. She is too old, too worn to be of consequence. Visible Women explores our personal and shared experiences of invisibility and examines how this feeling has shaped our identities. Through this exploration the invisible woman becomes Visible.

Visible Women programme

Visible Women is a weekend celebration of Women. The weekend includes an exhibition, performance art, a film night, family workshops, a feminist bookfair provided by Housmans Bookshop and a series of talks on issues affecting women. Please join in on Friday 4th of March through to Sunday 6th of March at Redlees Studios, Redlees Park, Isleworth and help us celebrate the women who have made us who we are.

Redlees Studios, Redlees Park, Worton Road, Isleworth, TW7 6DW


February 10, 2016

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