Confidential Support Group Sessions

For parents of recently diagnosed children

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Are you the parent of a child newly diagnosed with a disability or special needs?

However much you love your child or your newborn baby being told that they have a disability is never going to be welcome news. Even if you might feel relief at having your own fears confirmed, it can still feel quite shocking to hear it in words. It can plunge you into such a whirlpool of emotions that you feel is disbelief and incomprehension as well as very understandable concerns about what the future will hold for you and your family.

The first year or so after your child's diagnosis can be both confusing and rewarding as you go through the process of adjustment and one filled with questions and conflicting feelings. It does not always feel possible to share these thoughts with family or friends, especially if you feel judged or overwhelmed.

Come and join us from 10am to noon on the first Wednesday of each month (term time only) starting on Wednesday October 5th for our confidential, non judgmental parents support group of the recently diagnosed.

Led by a BACP accredited counsellor you will have an opportunity to share some of those thoughts in a safe place.

The group takes place at the Bridgelink Centre, Summerwood Road, Isleworth TW7 7QR.

For more information contact or visit Our Barn

There is also a Carers Support Group term-time Wednesdays 10am-1pm at the same location providing a drop-in service, themed discussions and 1 to 1 support. You can book an appointment for help filling out a DLA application (or similar forms) by contacting Parents in Touch via 07548 219 428 or

September 9, 2016

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