Time to Fix Clayponds Avenue

Full of potholes and poorly patched road surface

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Time To Fix Clayponds Avenue

Holly Searle invites you to a meeting at Clayponds Community Centre to discuss the state of Clayponds Avenue.

Holly says: "I have lived in this area for twenty-five years. During that time I can't recall a time when Clayponds Avenue wasn't full of potholes and poorly patched-up tarmac. The quality of the road is really quite unacceptable and that needs to be addressed.

"I am more than a little fed-up with reporting this to Hounslow Highways, the contractors responsible for maintaining the roads so I decided to investigate to see if other people felt the same. They do. So I decided to do something about it and call a meeting.

Clayponds Avenue
Clayponds Avenue on Hounslow Highways showing completed actions (green), planned action (blue), reported (amber) and purple (third party)

"This is your chance to meet with other members of the community who are unhappy about the road conditions and wish to have a say.

"Remember you have a voice and this is your community. If you speak up people listen and the more voices we have the stronger we are".

There will be a petition at the meeting, which takes place on Sunday 17th July at 6pm.

Pothole on Clayponds Ave reported on FixMyStreet as having been there for 12 months

Contact Holly via @hollysearle1 or hollysearle63@hotmail.com. You can also use #TimeToFixTheRoads to show your support.


July 12, 2016

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