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Discussing planning issues in Brentford

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Brentford Community Council

Brentford Community Council meets monthly (9th October) at 7.30pm at The Griffin, Brook Road South.

Developers and others attend regularly to put forward their proposals and planning applications.

1. Present, Apologies
2. Minutes of Meeting September 11 2017: Matters arising.
3. Consultation; Cycle Superhighway Olympia to Brentford.
We will need to appoint an editor to lead and collate the BCC
Response plus names of other members who wish to contribute.
Deadline: BCC meeting Nov 13. Please note that there will be
Consultation events on Sat Oct 14 11am/3pm at Watermans
And at Brentford market on Sunday Oct 15 10am/2pm.
4. Watermans Issues.
Planning decision for Riverside + Half Acre expected December
Watermans seeking £6million extra to deepen basement to increase
size. Kew+ Historic England seek refusal to protect Kew Palace.
5. Hounslow Consultation Papers.
Great West Corridor Review: Denis hopes to circulate initial paper before meeting.
Brentford East SPD. Denis hopes to circulate paper before meeting.
Boston Manor and Grand Union Conservation Area Appraisal
And St Paul’s Conservation Area Appraisal
. Vitas may be able to submit
Preliminary notes to start consideration of BCC response.
These four major papers need editors and supporting members. Each must come to BCC on November 11 for FINAL APPROVAL. It is essential that ALL members read these papers BEFORE OCT 9. They will set the pattern for development up to 2030.
6. AOB

Please attend and bring your papers with you on Monday. Download previous minutes.

Guests are welcome, please just turn up. Please email for further details or view Brentford Community Council website.

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October 9, 2017

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