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Who lived in your house in 1936? Find out here

It's inevitable that many, maybe too many, pages of are taken up with news of new housing developments, planning meetings, consultation documents and the like.

Happily, some releif from all this forward thinking is now available on the web. Local resident Peter Rutt's excellent site Brentford - ATown to Remember is full of memories from the past 100 years and more.


Of particular interest is Peter's roll-call of residents, house by house, from the Brentford, Chiswick and Gunnersbury Street Directory of 1936. Your author feels the spirit of Percy Lemon, former inhabitant of where these words are being uploaded, as he types these words. Whether or not the aforementioned Mr Lemon was the proprietor of Lemons Bakery (one of three on the high street) is not recorded. However, one can easily imagine Percy heading to Mrs Woods Pie and Eel Shop, perhaps to have lunch with the owner of the nearby Licensed Horse Slaughterer.

18 Jan 2004

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