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The other 4 candidates have posted their full position on Heathrow on their own websites, linked in from our main article. As Richard Hendron (UKIP) does not have his own website we are reproducing his here out of fairness. Richard replies:

Firstly before I state my position, I say my position comes from growing up all my life next to Heathrow living under the Runway and also working in and around the airport. Consequently I realise the huge importance that Heathrow has in terms of the local economy while at the same time recognise the disadvantages of having an international airport in ones back yard, such as noise et al.

The discussions that we are having now about either a 3rd runway or extending an existing runway – the discussion for such proposals, and also the discussions against such proposals – (mainly due to noise and pollution), are reminiscent of the arguments that were being made in the early 1990s about the then potential Terminal 5.

I think there is a lot of hype on both sides of the argument, and I ultimately think it comes down to compromise. In short I do support the expansion of Heathrow Airport, whether that’s by a third runway or an extension of the runway, at the moment I have no views on which one is my preferred choice. 

So many people who live so close to the airport are reliant on the airport for job  security.  Further, what Heathrow is offering as a package looks like an opportunity not to be missed – with thousands of pounds plied into apprenticeships in the borough, the creation of more jobs for residents and improved infrastructure. These are all much needed things.

However there clearly is a down side – that being an increase in planes using LHR and the associated noise and pollution problems.

There are things that can be done and agreed to minimize the effects for residents. For an example, if there was increased capacity in the day then there may not be a need for early morning flights so the time the flights run from could be pushed back, giving residents longer periods free from aircraft noise and light.  Further incentives could be put in place to reward those aircraft with the lowest omissions and noise out put.  We are moving to an age now where we are seeing quieter and cleaner aircraft. If only the quietest and cleanest aircraft were allowed to use LHR, this would have a massive impact on air quality and noise.

Further funding could be obtained from LHR to undertake a huge tree planting operation in and around the borough, which could have a significant impact on air quality but also the visual look on the borough. 

In terms of residents mostly effected by the noise, I understand the there has already been an offer on thousands of homes by the airport authority to purchase these homes, well over the market rate. For those who do not wish to sell, then we should lobby the airport to invest in insulating all those homes effected to a high standard.

In short, the airport is vital to the local area. My view is we should work with Heathrow to try to come to a comprise that ensures growth, increases jobs while limits the negative effects of resident. 

That is my view, although I do think, what ever side of the fence you are, we need to listen and take note of the findings of the independent report that is due out in a couple of months.

The declared candidates for the Brentford and Isleworth seat in the General Election are Joseph Bourke (Liberal Democrat), Ruth Cadbury (Labour), Daniel Goldsmith (Green), Richard Hendron (UKIP) and Mary Macleod (Conservative).

Do come along and raise issues with the candidates at the election hustings on Wednesday 15th April.

The next meetings of the BCC, to which all are invited are a social evening on April 16th at the Griffin, with the next planning meeting combined with an AGM on April 27 upstairs at the Griffin. Please email if you would like to be added to the mailing list for notifications of meetings.

April 15, 2015

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