General Elections - Candidates Announced

Ten Candidates to Stand in Brentford & Isleworth Constituency


The main political parties have a local website listed in our directory and all councillors for Brentford, Isleworth and Syon have their own entry, as well as our MP and any candidates.

These are all linked to in our services directory which also has contact details and any websites or blogs.

Details of all Hounslow's councillors, including surgery and contact information can be found on the council website.

General Election Hustings

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Ten candidates will stand in Brentford & Isleworth Constituency on May 6th. They are:

  • Andrew Dakers, Liberal Democrats
  • Aamir Javed Bhatti, The Christian Party
  • Ann Keen MP, Labour Party
  • David Cunningham, English Democrats Party
  • Jason Hargreaves, UK Independence Party
  • John Hunt, Green Party
  • Mary Macleod, Conservative Party
  • Evangeline Pillai, Christian People's Alliance
  • Paul Winnett, British National Party
  • Teresa Vanneck-Surplice, Independent

A number of websites exist to help you in your decision making. Here are a few examples:

Your Next MP lists MPs and contact details 

Vote Match 2010 asks you which policies you support under a number of topics, and then tells you how best your support matches party policies. Can give unexpected results.

Democracy Club has asked people to put forward local questions, and these are now being submitted to the candidates (currently only UKIP has answered), and the answers will be published online.

The Straight Choice shows leaflets that the electorate have scanned in with their postcode so you can see leaflets you may have missed and for neighbouring constituencies.

Vote for Democracy, Unlock Democracy's electoral website, discusses voting reform, as does Power 2010. Index on Censorship held a debate on libel reform.

Election Champion shows you billboard adverts from around the country that people have scanned in

Question Your Candidates lists election hustings

My Gay Vote shows the parties' policies on LGBT matters.

The British Humanist Association has published a General Election Manifesto (pdf) that summarises their policies, as have Amnesty, Compassion in World Farming and many other organisations.

The Political Compass won't help you decide who to vote for but is an interesting tool

If you have any other useful websites, please email them in

April 28, 2010

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