Could The Fountain be Coming Back?

Possibility of Victorian monument returning to TW8

Pressure is mounting to bring Brentford's Fountain back home.

To many residents, the Fountain simply refers to the Leisure Centre near the Chiswick Roundabout. The name was chosen to mark the site of the Victorian fountain that stood on the entrance of the old Brentford market. When the market closed in 1974 the fountain was moved to the new commercial site at Western International Market in Heston.

The planning brief for the former Scottish Widows site at Kew Bridge identified the potential for relocation to this site. The application for that site is at an advanced stage and likely to be reported to the Isleworth and Brentford Area Committee in June and then on to the Sustainable Development Committee for decision. With the revised plans providing an open riverside space, many residents are noting an excellent opportunity to return the fountain to Brentford.

There are many challenges that would need to be faced, not least of which would be listed building consent to remove it from the site of Western International Market. However the fountain presents are rather incongruous site at the entrance to the fruit and vegetable market and English Heritage would be under a great deal of pressure to allow removal.


The Fountain at its present location, Western International Market

Farmers Market in Brentford?

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Developers St George bow to public pressure

There is likely to be resistance from the Market, and the question of ownership will arise. The cost of removing the statue and fixing it at the new location could approach £100,000, a figure which is unlikely to find favour with developers St George.

However it is thought that if public pressure was sufficient, Hounslow Council would be within their rights to insist that developers fulfill the suggestions of the planning brief.

If any BrentfordTW8 readers have strong feelings either way, write to us at and we'll pass your comments to Hounslow Council.

9 May 2004

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