Teachers Strike on Tuesday

With a very long list of reasons


Hounslow Teachers' Association

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National Union of Teachers

The National Union of Teachers is taking action on July 5th.  The majority of schools in Hounslow will be affected either through complete closure, partial closure or reduced timetable. All NUT members working in local authority schools or academies will be eligible to take part in the strike on 5th July. Given the discontent amongst teachers this is action that will be well supported.

Marilyn Bater, Secretary Hounslow Teachers Association (NUT) said:

“Teachers go into the profession to make a difference to children’s lives and to develop in them a love of learning. No teacher takes strike action lightly. Inadequate levels of funding, however, are having a negative effect on both children and teachers that cannot go unaddressed.  

“According to the respected Institute of Fiscal Studies, schools are facing the worst funding cuts since the 1970s. This is impacting heavily on the choices and decisions that head teachers in Hounslow and around the country have to make.

“We are already seeing an increase in class sizes, a reduction in subject choices for children, especially in the Arts, less materials and fewer books in classrooms and cuts to school trips. Teachers and support staff are being cut or not replaced meaning less individual attention for children. If, as many predict, inflation rises following the EU referendum, then schools will be forced to contend with even larger real term cuts. 

"Meanwhile George Osborne is freezing the cash per pupil he gives to schools, whilst increasing what he takes from them. For every 20 teachers employed, a school has to find an extra teacher salary to give to the Treasury.

“On top of the funding cuts, the break-up of the national system of terms and conditions for teachers is a complete distraction for head teachers. Instead of focusing on teaching and learning they will have to spend huge amounts of time negotiating teacher contracts.

“Schools need funding to a level where every child is guaranteed an education they deserve, and are taught by qualified teachers that schools can afford to employ. Academies should have regard to national terms and conditions for teachers. Parents, children, teachers and the general public expect this of our education system. This should be within every government’s grasp to guarantee. We urge Nicky Morgan to listen”.  

Video from East Riding NUT explaining why teachers are striking

Schools should have confirmed directly whether they are fully or part open tomorrow.

Let Our Kids Be Kids is a campaign representing the voice of parents who support teachers as are Rescue Our Schools and Parents Defending Education..

July 5, 2016

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