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The organisers of the much anticipated football match between Ghana & Nigeria are helping The Anthony Nolan Trust appeal to the Black Community to save the life of little Tomi Afolabi and Cyril, father of 5 from Enfield.

They are appealing to those travelling to the match to find some extra time to join The Anthony Nolan register before they enter the stadium or after they leave. The match is taking place at Griffin Park on Tuesday 6th February.

Both the families are desperately appealing to the Black community, ‘We are appealing to Africans, African-Caribbean’s and people of mixed parentage to please take the time if you can to come forward and put your names on the Donor Register. Think of how enormous the reward and satisfaction of giving someone somewhere a new lease of life.’

Organisers of the match ‘Optima Sports’ are hoping that the many football supporters expected to attend on the day will come out in full force to register and possibly one of those people that do will be able to help save the life of Tomi and Cyril.

Less than 20,000 people out of the 400,000 people on the register are from the black & mixed parentage community, making it increasing difficult to locate donors for BME patients suffering with Leukaemia. Given that a person’s tissue type is inherited, a compatible donor is most likely to be found within the patients own ethnic group, hence an African patient’s chances of finding a match are increased if the donor is from the African community. They are urging people from the black & mixed race community, especially those of Nigerian decent to register as potential donors to save the life of this wonderful lady.

A registration session will be held on the day of the match at the Ealing Road Baptist Church at 126 Ealing Road just opposite the stadium. The session runs from 6pm to 10pm.

For many of these patients a bone marrow transplant represents the only possible long-term cure. Without an unrelated bone marrow transplant they may die and many more donors are urgently needed. The Anthony Nolan trust DESPERATELY needs more donors from the black and mixed race community to save more lives. If you are between 18 and 40 years old, in good health & weigh at least 8 stone, then join the Bone Marrow Register.

February 2, 2007