Burglary By Deception

Neighbouring building work helps provide plausible excuse


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During late afternoon of Friday 25th October, two men aged in their 40s and 60s knocked on the door of an elderly Hamilton Road resident who lived alone. 

One of the men was wearing a High Visibility Jacket with the letters IKE on the front.  One was wearing red gloves

Claiming that they were maintenance workers working on the property next door, they told the elderly resident that there was a ‘water leak’ in the property next door and that they needed to enter the resident’s property to check that their property was safe from water leakage.  A property nearby WAS having work done to it so the resident was not immediately suspicious.

While one kept the resident talking downstairs, the other entered the property and walked around the house.  The resident began to feel uncomfortable and questioned the man who remained with the resident, but the man assured the resident that there was nothing to worry about.

The accomplice then reappeared and the two men left.

After they left, and the resident checked the home and found that all jewellery kept in the property was missing.  Many of the items taken were of immense sentimental value and irreplaceable.

The police were called and an investigation into the burglary commenced.

If anyone of Friday afternoon did see anything and anyone suspicious, especially if one was wearing High Vis Jacket (and possibly red gloves), the Brentford Safer Neighbourhoods Team would very much like to hear from you. 

Brentford SNT- 020 8247 6483

CAD No. 7689 25/10/2013

This maybe a new approach by deception burglars, who are looking for properties that are having work done on them (either inside or outside) and then closely watching properties and occupants nearby.


For whatever the reason, DO NOT let ANYONE enter your home who you do not know

or who you do not recognize, who suddenly arrive at your home saying that they

urgently need to look inside your home.     

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