A Warning for All When Travelling Alone by Train

A Cautionary Tale from a Brentford Resident


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While waiting for her train one evening, a young lady noticed two men (hoodies), who obviously knew each other as she had seen them talking together on the platform.

The lady got on the train and the two hoodies followed and as they did so one of them ‘bumped’ into her. What made her immediately suspicious was that the two men then sat separately, one went to sit in the next carriage.

She could see in the reflection of the glass that the one sat in her carriage kept staring directly at her all the time throughout he journey making her feel extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately there were other people in the carriage, so nothing e

lse happened UNTIL the train reached Brentford. Worried because the man in her carriage was still staring at her, the lady in question (who wanted to get off the train at Brentford) remained in her seat, until the train doors started to indicate that they were about to close, she then made a quick dash to the exit.

The hoody who had been sitting in her carriage then (also) made a dash for the door and forcibly opened the train doors to exit the train. By this time the lady had reached the safety of ‘The Kings Arms Hotel, located just outside Brentford Station and there she remained until safe.

Fortunately the lady could see ‘possible problems’ the moment the two hoodyies (who looked Eastern European) got on the train and she reacted accordingly. She felt that the ‘bump’ when she got on the train was a signal that she had been targeted for a robbery, and that while one man kept a close watch on her at all times, the other sat in the next carriage waiting until the robbery was (about) to take place, possibly when the train emptied or more possibly when the resident got off the train.

The police have been informed of the above incident.


December 22, 2011

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