Watch Out Whilst Withdrawing from ATM

Mugging at Machine outside Sainisbury's in Chiswick


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In an emergency ALWAYS dial 999
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The victim noticed two men at the next machine apparantly having difficulty. Part way through his input, a folded newspaper was thrust in front of his screen from the left by one of them shouting "no working". The other came in from the victim's right and reached behind the newspaper. The victim realised he was being mugged, held on to the card but was unable to prevent them making off with the cash.

There was no-one to appeal for help. The victim quickly drew £160 realising the card would have to be cancelled, found his wife in the supermarket and explained what happened to her and the security guard.

The victim left them calling the police, whilst he went to NatWest in the High Road W4 . The NatWest manager cancelled the victim wife's debit card, called up the current account, identified the two recent charges the first at 12.06 (for £200) the second at 12.08 (for £160). The victim was told the £200 loss would be refunded.

The victim later joined his wife in Sainsbury's and completed their shopping for which they paid in the cash the victim had withdrawn and drove home.

The victim described the culprits (whom he only saw from behind) as being male, eastern european, height about 5ft 11", dark, 30/35 years, wearing blue track suits one wearing a white cap.

Recent reports of petrol theft from a number of cars has led to local Police issuing a warning to motorists. A spokesperson for the Police said: "With an ever increase of fuel prices, this may lead to more incidents. As a precaution, now is the time that if your car doesn't already have a lockable filler cap, to buy one.

"If you can, park your car in the driveway with the petrol cap close to a wall or fence. Parking your car in the garage is by far the safest thing to do.

"Any suspicious behaviour should be reported to the police."


May 19, 2011

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