Computer Support Isn't Free

So don't fall for this attempted scam


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A Hounslow resident was recently targeted to be a victim of a Internet Security SCAM.

"I received a phone call from a company calling themselves 24/7 Technical support for Windows. They knew my name and address and told me I have a serious virus on my computer that will make my computer crash at any time.

I was told that they are the technical support for Windows and that they get reports of any Window users that have a serious computer infection. These reports are linked direct to their technical department. They then contact these customers direct and with the customers help on-line their technician gets the problem resolved for the fee quoted.

They told me they could help me and showed me with my help (stupid I know) that some of my files were corrupted. I was told this could be corrected over the phone by my doing what they advised me to do, then I would have to leave my computer for 40 minutes while their technician finished off the process. This would cost me £75, when told I could not afford that amount as I am a pensioner, I was told they would do the job for £29"..

Microsoft stated "They would never make such a phone call. You have to phone them to get Technical Support and not the other way round."

December 13, 2010

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