Burglaries Up In Hounslow, Down In Brentford

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The whole of the borough of Hounslow has recently seen a nineteen percent rise in the number of burglaries. The police and the local authority are working together to reverse this trend, reduce crime and catch offenders.

If you can you help identify who is committing these offences or where they are taking the stolen property too please either email to ringmaster chiswick@crime-prevention.co.uk  or phone crimestoppers on  0800 555 111 mentioning that this is in response to a request from the Hounslow

Crime figures for Hounslow borough can be seen on the Metropolitan Police's website, which also highlights three key improvements:

In response to a spate of distraction burglaries of elderly victims, Hounslow Burglary squad arrested and charged two people with 11 counts of burglary and over 20 offences.

A man from Hounslow with a long history of anti-social behaviour was given a post conviction ASBO lasting three years. The ASBO forbids him from carrying open vessels containing alcohol and entering betting shops and minicab offices in Hounslow.

A Safer Schools team has been running a Judo club in partnership with Heston School, as part of a youth diversion strategy. Children learn discipline, how to deal with confrontation and are diverted from crime and anti-social behaviour..

A look on the ward data on the same site shows a 32.5% drop in burlary in Brentford ward over the last twelve months.

January 29, 2010

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