Cycling on Boston Manor Road

Two design proposals for safer cycling


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You are invited to return comments on proposals for new cycle facilities on Boston Manor Road in Brentford.

It is important to get your views and concerns at this stage, before the final design option is chosen and the detailed design process begins.

The proposals aim to significantly improve the existing cycle facilities on Boston Manor Road, between Boston Manor underground station and the junction with the A4 Great West Road. A further aim of the project is to reduce vehicle speeds on the road, which are often well beyond the current 30mph limit.

Two design options are proposed; a segregated two way cycle facility on the western side of Boston Manor Road (Option A) or an upgrade to the existing on-carriageway cycle facilities (Option B). Full details can be found on the council website.

Option A

Option A: Two way segregated cycle facility
3.0m wide, two way segregated cycle track on the western side of Boston Manor Road;
Cycle track separated from the general traffic lanes typically by a narrow kerbed island, typically 0.5m in width or via a built out footway in sections;
Bus stops to be moved into general traffic lanes;
Cycle bypass of Swyncombe Road roundabout;
‘Switch-over’ facility to be designed at signalised GlaxoSmithKline junction, to allow cyclists to safely cross junction;
Retain the existing southbound bus lane;
A parking survey has shown that peak parking levels occur on a Saturday, with 82% of spaces being utilised, resulting in 21 unused parking spaces. In total option A would remove 33 parking spaces along the full length of the road, a shortfall of 12 spaces at the busiest time.
Total estimated construction cost for Option A: £582,000.


Option B

Option B: On carriageway cycle lanes
1.5m – 2.0m wide on carriageway cycle lanes.
The majority of cycle lanes to be made mandatory, with increased parking restrictions to maintain a clear corridor for cyclists.
Bus stops built out into carriageway, to improve passenger accessibility and reduce existing length of bus stops.
Cycle bypass of Swyncombe Road roundabout for northbound cyclists.
To the south of the junction with The Ride; a cycle lane in both directions is reliant on removal of the bus lane.
In total a removal of 21 parking spaces along the full length of the road, with enough parking spaces remaining to accommodate existing demand.
Total estimated construction cost for Option B: £186,000.

There is a public exhibition with Council staff at Boston Manor House on Wednesday 12th November 10am-2pm and Thursday 13th November 4-8pm.

One of the key differences is the cost, so if you think Option A is the better solution it is vital that you respond to the consultation to demonstrate support. Comments must be returned by Monday 24th November.

October 27, 2014

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