Improvements to the road network

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Give Hounslow Council your ideas for improving the road network over the next five years.

As part of the Highways Asset Maintenance PFI programme (for more information, visit the highways PFI webpage , a large investment will be made in renewing our roads and pavements between 2013 - 2018.

This is a real opportunity to think about how roads and pavements work to make sure they are best set up to meet the 21st century requirements placed on them.

In particular the council are looking to:

  • deal with any remaining 'accident blackspots' - for cyclists, providing continuous cycle lanes and tackling 'pinch points' that bring cyclists and other vehicles into conflict

  • improve the ability for people to access key destinations by foot and generally improve the public space

  • improve the accessibility of our streets so they cater for all users. This particularly applies to bus stops and transport interchanges

  • provide a more dedicated road space for buses to improve journey speed and reliability, where possible; and

  • tackle congestion hot-spots to improve journey times for all users, where possible.

If you have an idea you would like to suggest, on where roads could be improved to achieve the above listed outcomes, please let the council know by visiting our Network2020 Programme website and making a note on the interactive map.

Some ideas have already been put forward for cyclists, as part of the 'Biking Borough' consultation.

You have until Monday 12 March 2012 to make your suggestions.

The Council will collect all the ideas we have received, agree a programme with councillors and start designing schemes ready to be built in 2013 onwards.  

As with all traffic schemes, they will be approved by councillors prior to being implemented on the ground.




March 1, 2012

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