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Junction Alterations to Reduce Accidents


Proposal Summary (pdf)

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A consultation on proposals to improve Twickenham Road is taking place next week.

The proposed improvements to the junctions of South Street and St John’s Road are on display at Isleworth Leisure Centre and Library from 22 – 29 November. Officers from the council will be available to discuss the plans on:

§          Tuesday 22 November between 10am and 3pm

§          Thursday 24 November between 4pm and 8pm

§          Monday 28 November between 4pm and 8pm

The proposals being consulted upon are:

South Street junction

The results of traffic modelling show that the removal of the traffic signals and the introduction of a mini-roundabout at the junction of Twickenham Road with South Street would reduce traffic congestion through the area.

A mini-roundabout would also free up some of the carriageway space which then can be used for much needed footway widening and for wider cycle lanes on both sides of the carriageway.

The provision of a raised junction table would reduce traffic speeds through the mini-roundabout junction. An alternative surfacing material will be considered to further highlight the junction and encourage lower speeds.

The existing pedestrian refuge island would be retained as an informal pedestrian crossing point adjacent to the junction whilst a new zebra crossing would be provided in South Street.

St John’s Road junction

The results of traffic modelling show that, given the physical constraints at the St John’s Road junction, a mini-roundabout is the optimum form of junction control and therefore should be retained.

It is proposed that the junction should be traffic calmed by providing a raised junction table providing a safer environment for all road users and in particular for pedestrians and cyclists.

The pedestrian refuge islands would be reconstructed without the double height kerbs. By locating the crossings on the raised junction table pedestrians will be able to cross between footways on a level surface. The traffic island adjacent to North Street would be reconstructed and provide a new informal crossing point for pedestrians.

The removal of redundant and unnecessary street furniture will further improve the look and feel of the area.

Responses to the consultation need to be made by 5 December, and can be sent to traffic@hounslow.gov.uk, via comment sheets and a collection box at the public display, online at www.hounslow.gov.uk/consultations or by post.

The results of the consultation will be considered by your local councillors and if approved, are likely to be implemented in spring and autumn 2012.


November 17, 2011

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