Primary School Consultation Closes

But is anyone listening?

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Primary School Consultation

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The London Borough of Hounslow’s public consultation on where extra primary school places could be created in the borough ended earlier this month.

Parents, carers and residents had the opportunity to put forward their views about where new reception classes should be created by September 2010, through a series of public meetings held at individual schools across the borough.

Councillors are now considering the responses received and will be making a decision about whether and how to expand a school or schools in the borough. Once these decisions are made, official notices where needed will be published setting out plans for those schools to be expanded.

Following this there will be a further four week period to allow parents, carers and residents to comment on any decisions made to expand any schools, and any final decisions on whether to go ahead or not will be made after that.

Hounslow’s lead Member for children's services and education, Cllr Paul Lynch said: “Thank you to all the parents, carers, teachers, governors and local residents who have taken the time to give us your views as part of this consultation. Your opinions will now be considered in deciding our next steps.”

However parents concern has been expressed that this consultation has been poorly advertised, with few information leaflets distributed. No-one turned up at the Green Dragon consultation which shows a total lack of awareness. There appeared to be little or no attempt to contact parents of pre-school children to gain their views despite their obvious future need. The proposed expansion of Lionel Road may be the cheapest option for the short term but parents would like the long term implications and costs to be considered.

March 27, 2009