Children's Centres - Conservatives Set The Record Straight

"Of enormous value to parents across the country"

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Local Conservatives have backed David Cameron’s recent condemnation of Labour's negative approach to campaigning and governing.  "They’re going to spend this entire election trying to frighten people", he said, referencing Labour's misinformation about Sure Start, winter fuel payments, and cancer treatment.

Tracey Bleakley, one of Brentford's Conservative candidates commented " In recent weeks in Brentford, we have seen a number of ‘scare stories’ from the local labour association, including a claim that three local Sure-Start centres would be under threat from the Conservatives.  In truth, the Conservatives have opened 14 Childrens Centres in Hounslow over the past four years, with four more soon to open including a new location in Green Dragon Lane, Brentford in May.  "

Councillor Lin Davies, the Conservative Lead Member for Children Services and Family said, “I feel very strongly about the good Children Centres do for families, and we are totally supportive of the programme.  Now we have achieved our target of 18 centres, the focus is on increasing the number of people attending and benefiting”. 

Tracey continued "The Conservative Party is committed to keeping Sure Start because the network of Children’s Centres is of enormous value to parents across the country. But we believe Sure Start needs to work better to support the people who need it most. Therefore we have pledged to provide 4,200 more Sure Start health visitors – giving all parents a guaranteed level of support before and after birth until their child starts school. 

"Sadly, Labour is determined to create undue concern around the issue.  Ann Keen has obeyed Labours spin-doctors and started a curious online survey to ‘save our sure-start centres’, even though they are not under threat from a Conservative administration.  But even Ruth Cadbury doesn’t buy the labour lies.  In a recent Brentford Labour party leaflet she commented “I cannot believe the Tories will simply cut these centres”.  For once, she is quite right."

April 21, 2010

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