Brentford Family Win Legal Battle With BT

Takes eight years to win compensation after death of Paul Pavani

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A family from Brentford have finally reached the end of long legal battle with British Telecom after Paul Pavani was killed by one of the company's vans.

They were awarded £750,000 in compensation by the High Court but Mr. Pavani's widow has said that she still feels cheated and angry by the gruelling legal process the family were forced to go through.

Mr. Pavani was on his motorcycle on Garratt Lane Wandsworth in January 2007 when he was was hit by a BT van which the family's lawyers claim was attempting a three-point turn in slow moving traffic. The 43 year old chef died from his injuries an hour later in hospital. Mr Pavani has trained under Gordon Ramsay and was on the verge of setting up his own chain of gastro-pubs.

The compensation package is to be split giving Mrs Pavani £300,000, while her two sons each receive £225,000.

She told the Evening Standard: "Since we lost him, our family is a broken family. I feel bitter, cheated and angry for the way BT has dealt with our case. Instead of Paul being the victim, they tried to portray themselves as the victims. During this long process I felt Paul and I were the ones being judged."

A spokesman for BT said, "We deeply regret the accident and the effect that this has had on Mr Pavani’s family. We apologise to the family for this tragic event."

April 26, 2013

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