Top stand up acts for next comedy night at comedydockcom

There's another night of comedy at Brentford's newest venue, comedydockcom, on Thursday June 30th.


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The venue is the Waterside Bar on Brentford Dock - walk towards the Dock from Somerfield and follow the signs...

Promoter Robbie tells about this month's bill...

We have got an absolute cracker for you this month with a few old faces and one new, fantastic addition to our little family, our Headline Act this month is one of the biggest selling acts on the circuit at the moment and an absolute favourite of mine...please put you hands together for the one and only Phil Nichol... but before I get carried away with Phil and gush over his brilliance let us not forget our two other fantastic acts this month Tom Wrigglesworth and Greg Cook...

Tom Wrigglesworth...If you can remember back to January you will remember Tom and his very funny 20 minute set... His opening gag, a favourite of mine, as he flirts with a girl in the audience telling her is his yorkshire drawsl "you look lovely... you look lovely in that dress but I bet you'd look lovely in anything...even a bin bag... ... all chopped up". Tom is one of the few rare talents on the circuit who, only a few years into his career has the ease on stage that most suffer a lifetime to to command. He is a natural comic, reminiscent of Perrier winner Daniel Kitson and in many ways to the great Lee Mack. He combines this fearless approach to his audience with a story telling years beyond him. His has simple, silly puns, beautifully well crafted gags and ludicrous stories you only have to want to believe to make you laugh, rauciously, and you always do... Winner of The Channel 4 'So you think your'e funny', an award won by Dylan Moran, Peter Kay and Lee Mack, Tom has the world of comedy at his feet.

Following Tom is Greg Cook. 43 Year old Greg Cook's deadpan style and mastery of the spoken word lead Jon Plowman, head of comedy at the BBC, to describe him as the Les Dawson of the 21st century. Greg was runner up in the BBC New Comedy Awards 2003 as well as runner up in the Manchester City Life Comedy Awards.

Metro* hugely funny... his fearsome physicality contrasts with his rapier sharp intellect... the new Les Dawson.

Headliner Phil Nichol

Born in Scotland and raised in Canada Phil was originally part of the critically acclaimed, Canadian music trio Corky and the Juice Pigs. Phil was one of the first comics I really fell in Love with, in the professional sense of course, although I do he he worries slightly about my never ending gush for him. Phil really is a unique performer, he is a tasmanian devil on speed, armed with a guitar and passion. Unlike most guitar armed comedians it is not the song that draws the laughs it is his uncompromising energy and 'in yer face' attitude that set him apart from the rest. Don't get me wrong Phil's songs are lyrically funny, genius at times, but it is the air of unpredictability in his performance that just keep you on your seat, guessing just what he might do next that is just so electric. His in-your-face act is one for which the cliche 'anything could happen' genuinely applies - but thankfully his comic judgement is seldom wrong, making his hilarious act rarely less than outstanding.

Winner of the Time Out Comedy Award and a veteran of too many TV and radio appearance to mention Phil will be one act you will never forget...and for all the right reasons.

"The face of an angel, the tongue of a whore and the energy of a toddler on an Irn-Bru binge" -The Times

For Tickets and reservations please visit or call Robbie on 07801 786 046. Tickets are £8 (£6 concessions) doors open at 7pm for an 8.30 start.


As always the price for a ticket is £8, the deal with the flyers has expired but concessions are available to students and OAP’s.

For more information and to reserve seats please visit or call Robbie on 07801 786 046. Alternatively call Mel at the Waterside Café Bar on 07963 077 046

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