Top stand up acts for next comedy night at comedydockcom

There's another night of comedy at Brentford's newest venue, comedydockcom, on Thursday March 31st


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Promoter Robbie tells about this month's bill...

Looking at March’s line up I can already picture the night, well almost. In Rob Rouse and Patrick Monaghan we have 2 high energy, loveable, laugh a minute characters who rarely offend and always deliver. In Matt Hollins we have a more mercurial man who’s slightly more cynical approach should bring a balance to the evening and with local boy Muggsy…who knows…

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I mean what would the night be without the man (or woman) who holds it all together: the conductor, the maestro that steers his (or hers) comedic orchestra through that baron wilderness that can be the Brentford audience, the answer of course is up a creek without a paddle.

So without further ado I introduce you to the magnificent Paul Foot… Now Paul is a comic’s comic, on form there are few better but Paul is probably the most eccentric man you will ever come across, ever, and with that brings an air of unpredictability that will add an edge to any evening. Completely fearless in his approach Paul’s delivery can be deliberately awkward, stammered and stilted, sometimes to the point you wonder whether he even knows what he is doing. Unlike most comic’s who run from gag to gag, their fear as always the uneasy silences, this seems to be the very thing that ‘gets Paul off’. As a performer he cannot be pigeon holed, nor can his material, he really is that rare flower who will try anything at anytime and for any reason, along at it amuses him... and his genius is his delivery: Paul is an absolute master of the English language.

Winner – BBC New Comedy Awards & Daily Telegraph Open Mic
Finalist – Channel 4, so you think you’re funny

“Rarely, if ever, has this reviewer seen an audience laugh as hysterically hard or long." The Scotsman

"Brilliant . . . . Very original." The Daily Star“

Brilliantly delivered material." Time Out

"Mr Foot's camp and slightly surreal act won universal praise. TV stardom surely beckons." Daily Telegraph

So we have this week two open spot acts, the first is a chap who goes by the name of Matt Hollins. Matt is very deadpan in his delivery which means his gags have to be strong in order to sustain a captive audience, but by all accounts they are. Commended by the judges at the Leicester Comedy festival, by which he won, for the originality and high standard of his material I am myself very much looking forward to seeing Matt for the first time.

Open spot number two I cannot really write anything at all about as this is only his fourth gig and unlike last months open spot who is a good friend I don’t really know him at all well. I can however say that as an audience member Muggsy, and his band of merry men (and women), is nothing but a pleasure to have at the club: solely there to enjoy good comedy. Our first real local boy, Muggsy lives on the dock and as a result of conversations he and I have shared the situation has come about that he is going to come and do a gig with us.

Pat Monaghan... I first met Pat working on the BBC New Comedy Awards years ago and although he didn’t win he always stood out from the crowd. He is the epitome of friendly Geordie charm and warmth: combine that with his Irish and Iranian parentage and what you have is an explosion of ridiculous story telling and juvenile buffoonery all brilliantly held together with the most infectious smile. His set is chaotic and scrambled but his energy is second to none and the warmth and love he draws from an audience is something else.

Winner of ITV’s ‘Take the Mic’

"Bright young talent" The Sunday Times 2003"

"Engaging & genuinely enlightening" The Scotsman 2003

This gifted livewire commands the stage with a mix of wit and force of personality” Evening Standard

"Lovable Stuff" The Independent 2003

Headlining this month is television’s own Rob Rouse!!!

Fresh from Channel 4’s ‘The Friday Night project’, which he co hosts with Jimmy Carr, Rob’s years of hard work are finally starting to pay off: and rightly so as not only is Rob a very good comic he is, as my girlfriend says, rather sexy.. He burst onto the scene in 1998 and immediately walked away with channel 4’s prestigious ‘so you think your funny’ award for best new comedian. Since then he has travelled far and wide with his wares and is a veteran of 6 Edinburgh shows. Rob is a true clown, on and off the stage, he lives to make others laugh and when he can’t think of anything funny to say, which isn’t often, he improvises using the greatest weapon in his armoury – himself - and like all great performers Rob knows how to tell a story: how to bring it to life, the characters from his own life and indeed the inner workings of his own mind, the punch lines sometimes are just the means to an end: the joy and fun is the journey he takes you on from A – B. Rob is the consummate professional and the one thing you will never feel when you walk away from a Rob Rouse gig is short changed.

"Clearly immensely talented... demands to be seen... star of the future" THE SUNDAY TIMES

"Rob Rouse is a born clown, a latter day Stan Laurel" TIME OUT
"Rob Rouse's cartoon face and cheeky banter allow him to get away with murder" THE INDEPENDENT


As always the price for a ticket is £8, the deal with the flyers has expired but concessions are available to students and OAP’s.

For more information and to reserve seats please visit or call Robbie on 07801 786 046. Alternatively call Mel at the Waterside Café Bar on 07963 077 046

16 March 2005

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