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Local charity for survivors of childhood sexual abuse


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In the wake of so much intense media reporting surrounding allegations of child sexual abuse (CSA), a local charity is here to both support adult survivors and raise awareness/education.

'This Tangled Web' was set up in the Spring of 2010 by a local survivor who wanted to reach out to others. One of the most shared feelings amongst people who have been abused is a feeling of isolation. The charity exists to reduce that sense of isolation and break down the walls of silence surrounding CSA.Here are some of the things it currently does:

- runs fortnightly coffee mornings for female survivors at Twickenham library.
- holds annual social events such as a survivors picnic and Christmas lunch.
- speaks to students in training at local colleges and groups such as West Thames in Isleworth.
- runs a peer to peer support group online based on Facebook
- has a website with lots of information for male & female survivors, parents, teens and partners of survivors.
- holds fundraising events both to raise awareness and much needed funds to continue our work.
If you have been affected by childhood sexual abuse and you would like help, you can contact This Tangles Web via the website http://www.thistangledweb.co.uk/ or on Facebook and on Twitter @thistangledweb or you can email the founder directly at tangledweb010@yahoo.co.uk
If you run a group and may be interested in the founder coming to give a talk please contact as listed above.
Kate Swift also said "We would like to also take this opportunity to thank 'Twickenham Library' who provide us with a venue to hold our coffee mornings. We would also like to thank 'Asda' supermarket in Hounslow who allow us to come and collect in store. Both of these are a vital help to our work and we really appreciate the local support. "
'This Tangled Web' is looking for more volunteers to help in a number of ways. If you might be interested in volunteering please email Kate Swift at tangledweb010@yahoo.co.uk  

December 7, 2012

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