Car Club Coming to Brentford?

Innovative scheme designed for irregular car users

London City Car Club are investigating the possibility of setting up in Brentford.

The innovative scheme provides hire cars for very short periods of time - as little as one hour. It is designed with the following groups in mind:

  • People who do not currently own a car, but would like to have access to a car for occasional use
  • People who only use a car two or three times per week for social or business trips
  • Two car families, who could substitute their second car for a car club car
  • People who currently run a car and are doing low annual mileage
  • Businesses who use their staff's own vehicles for business trips could use car club vehicles instead
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The Brentford branch of the London City Car Club may be set up as part of the Paragon development of 850 student bedrooms and 220 affordable housing units that is proposed for the corner of Boston Manor Road and the Great West Road. Members of the Car Club can book a car online or over the phone at a moment's notice or well in advance, type their PIN into a computer inside the car and drive off. The hire costs are £2.30 an hour and 15 p per mile, with a £12/month membership fee. These costs cover insurance and fuel. The scheme has support from Transport for London, who see it as a complement to public transport.

Similar clubs have been set up in other parts of London and are proving to be popular. More information on the London City Car Club is available on their website.

3 July 2004

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