Brentford Business Watch

Businesses working together with the police


Brentford Business Watch
Looking out for each other in Brentford


Chair: Roy W Branch
07917 348082

Vice Chair: Hugh Picton
07920 454518

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Brentford Business Watch is a Community based crime prevention scheme organised by local businesses themselves to afford each other confidence and support, as well as some form of protection.

The scheme is a message passing link between businesses, the object of which is to combat ASB and other crime. It also provides better communication between local businesses and the police and provides a forum for the discussion and solution of problems experienced by its members.

Local businesses are working together with the police to prevent crime and creating a safer environment for all in the Brentford area, thereby making the shopping experience of customers one that they will want to experience over and over again enabling the area and Brentofrd's businesses to prosper.

Meetings are held monthly and provide a forum for the discussion and solution of problems experienced by members; these meeting are attended by the police who have nominated a permanent liaison officer to the scheme. 
There are at present thirty eight members (04 November 09) who all enjoy the benefits of being part of Brentford Business Watch.

Membership fees:    £20 annually.
Membership fees (Members using two way radio) £20 one off payment and £100 annual subscription for use of radio.


  • Members of Business Watch deter criminals.
  • Reduces the risks of damage to and theft from property leading to reduced costs.
  • Increases co- operation with the police leading to a more effective response to request for assistance.
  • Improves public image and the sales environment in which trade can prosper.
  • Peace of mind.

For the Police

  • More information is provided about ASB and other criminal activity.
  • More precise details in calls for assistance aid a more efficient use of resources.

Essential basics of Business Watch

  • Recognition by all of a need for the scheme.
  • The full backing of all its members and the police.
  • An efficient and dedicated organisation to run it.
  • Some modest financial support for printing stickers ect.
  • A logo for identifying the scheme.

Responsibilities of Business Watch

  • Provide Chairman and organising team.
  • Operating the scheme and ensuring that all staff including temps ect are briefed.
  • Providing modest financial support.
  • Producing the necessary Documentation.

Responsibilities of Police

  • To nominate a permanent Business Watch Liason Officer.
  • Provide relevant crime statistics and monitoring the success of the scheme.

Note: Members joining the scheme will be provided with the following:

  • Details of the scheme.
  • Contact businesses.
  • Communication plans.
  • Stickers.
  • January 29, 2010

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