Techno Rave at Boston Manor Park Gets Go Ahead

One day techno music festival can have up to 10,000 attendees


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An application has been granted for a one day music festival at Boston Manor Park on 4th June

Boston Manor Park rave

Promoters "The one-day event has been created by LWE, with Drumcode, The Hydra and Closer lined up as curators.

Licensing application cites a maximum of 9,999 visitors and staff to the one day event between midday and 11pm on Saturday 4th June, featuring live and recorded music and screens.

Nine letters from the public were received regarding this application, 3 against (citing an illegal rave held at Boston Manor Park in 2014) and 6 supporting it.

The application was granted subject to the following conditions:

A noise management plan was agreed with the Council;

a dedicated waste management company would be employed to deal with litter;

a £10,000 bond would be paid to management company Carillion to cover damage;

there would be a marshalled drop off/pick up point for taxis and attendees were overwhelmingly expected to arrive by public transport;

security staff would work in full cooperation with the police both within and outside the area; and

as a professional firm it was very much in the applicant’s interest to ensure that the event closed on time and patrons dispersed.

The promotors describe the location as "merges natural beauty, green fields, rambling rivers, woodland pathways and hidden enclaves - all dominated by striking industrial features".

Or of course if you'd like to book tickets.

March 25, 2016

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