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Much criticism for High Street Development from public


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Brentford High Street Steering Group Launch Petition

Local Feathers Ruffled

Hounslow Consultation over High Street Development

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Ruth Mel Matt Theo Steve and Jason (or Brentford and Syon ward councillors) said jointly:

"We would urge anyone who has an interest in the future of the high street to attend the exhibition (6pm) and meeting (7pm) on Wednesday evening at St Paul’s Church Centre.  This has been organised by the Council (the previous ones were Ballymore’s).

"The purpose is to allow Ballymore to show how they have amended their plans, to hear from key amenity groups and the planning officer, and to get views from residents and those with businesses locally.

"We have all lived with the run-down high street for many years now, and here is an opportunity to get this right.  And it is vital that we hear your views."

Ojections have been pouring in over the weekend from local residents, with enthusiasm fired partly by a leaflet issed by the Brentford High Street Steering Group (pdf) with the headline "Plans too High and too Ugly"

"If this plan goes ahead as proposed, Hounslow Council & Ballymore Properties will wipe out a once in a century opportunity to create a town centre with soul – a unique place to live and work for the people and businesses of Brentford."

Stuart Parrott, a retired journalist from Brentford Dock writes in his objection:

"In particular, I think it is disappointing that the developers have cynically submitted plans for 11-storey high blocks of flats, more than double what was recommended.

"What price the so-called process of public consultation? It seems to me that the legitimate concerns of many local residents have been ignored and that the scheme is driven by the imperative to maximise profits.

"The hideous blue and white police building behind Morrison's is one of the worst eyesores in West London. It will be a tragedy if the council adds to the visual pollution of Brentford by adding more ugly stumps to the skyline. My late friend, Robert Horne, former managing director of Horne and Sons, 181 Hounslow High Street, a family estate agents based in Hounslow for 200 years, used to say that Brentford had the finest potential of any development site in West London: the beauties of Syon House, Kew Gardens, the Butts, the Thames, the canals, etc. ....

"It also ... says nothing definite about Brentford's prime amenity, the much-loved Waterman's (leave it as it is, or move it into the centre of Brentford).

"I fear the plan, as formulated, will turn out like Brentford Lock: where the shops can't find tenants and the restaurants want to move out, because so few people pass by. Another problem with the Ballymore scheme is that it shows blocks of flats with floor-to-ceiling windows: with blinds, furniture, bedding on show to the street, this will look so untidy, a real eye-sore. "

Lorne Gifford objected as follows:

"-  A large number of the buildings are significantly higher than the requirements stated in your 2009 planning policy

"-  Residential density will increase to many times the current level for that area

"Please advise if you intend to reverse the requirements of your 2009 planning policy, and if so the reasons and legality for doing this. 

"I live on the Butts Square, sufficiently close to the development that mass housing will have a major impact on my life.  Any high rise tower blocks allowed on the development will be in a direct line of sight from my house and gardens.

"Since I pay several thousand pounds a year in council tax I understand I am entitled to a full written explanation from yourself with respect to this proposal.

"I should also like to point out that the architectural style of the development is so close to other contemporary developments that it will easily be dated to the current era.  Any architectural style that can be so easily dated always becomes obscene and ugly to future generations.  I draw your attention to Brentford’s 5 tower blocks that are so evocative of late 1950’s council planning, the 1960’s concrete monolith that is Brentford County Court, The Treaty Centre, new Blenheim Centre or indeed much of Hounslow town centre and the whole of Croydon.  These developments are ugly, overpowering and a far cry from the more tasteful and restrained development of other Councils."

Read the full objections from some of Brentford's Groups:-

Brentford Chamber of Commerce

Brentford Community Council (not currently available)

BRAG - Brentford Recycling Action Group

Brentford High Street Steering Group

Please come along on Wednesday and have your say. We'll be there.

November 20, 2012

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