Young Tenant of the Year Goes To...

Torron-Lee Dewar of Alliance Dance Unit

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TorronTPAS is one of the longest-serving tenant organisations in Europe with over 20 years experience informing and supporting tenant and landlord members to challenge, influence and control how their housing services should be delivered.

It has led them to successfully join-up Government policy with front-line service delivery and grassroots tenant groups and as a result, their 'Connecting People' Awards are coveted in the housing industry.

TPAS Awards recognises and celebrates tenants who go the extra mile with innovative pioneering schemes and team efforts that make communities safer and more desirable places to live.

Torron-Lee Dewar, who has successfully created Alliance Dance Unit and brought it into the heart of Brentford community has won the Young Tenant of the Year for the Southern Region.Congratulations to Torron for his achievement.

Alliance Dance Unit (ADU) is a Street Dance Unit based in Brentford.

The project was recently recognised by The Philip Lawrence Awards Network as a regional finalist which was presented to ADU at their first ever show in December 2010; this sold out the Watermans. Also in December, ADU won best youth project 2010 in the Hounslow Borough.

ADU appeared at the Brentford Festival and Brentford's first St George's Day Fair in 2010. and also this year for the Royal Wedding/St Georges  

Dance classes are becoming more popular with people and especially the youth, ADUwould like to know if you would be interested in sponsoring them, any donation made would be highly appreciated, and would have a massive impact in the fight against anti-social behaviour and crime on London’s streets.

The project gives people confidence and something to look forward to, making them feel good about themselves. It has turned many unconfident people into positive dancers/performers. They put on their very own show in Dec 2010 and would like to do the same this year.

Sponsoring Alliance Dance Unit (ADU) would help them to survive and grow, giving great support to continue with what we do best !

Please take some time to look at the website and contact their leader, Torran-Lee Dewar at
or @ADUofficial

May 12, 2011

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